Zendrum LT Program 1 Note Map

This post has a pretty limited audience: people who own a Zendrum LT.

Trying to program a Zendrum and a soft synth at once can be very frustrating especially if you want to program melodic, non-drum notes. I decided to keep the Zendrum on its initial patch (a C pentatonic scale) and only change notes within a soft synth, in my case an NNXT Advanced Sampler within Propellerheads Reason. My reasoning (Reasoning?) is pretty simple: the Zendrum (v. 3.1) has only sixteen user patches and the soft synth can have as many your computer can handle.

I found I still wanted something to show me which keys on my virtual sampler corresponded to triggers on the Zendrum. To that end I created a visual aid to serve as a template. The yellow keys show the notes on the keyboard along with their note numbers. I’ve drawn lines from those notes to the triggers on the Zendrum. This speeds up the patch creation process considerably and lets me get to the fun part, which is playing music!

Download the pic below and enjoy…

Zendrum LR Program 1 Map

Zendrum LR Program 1 Map

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