What happened to the old Rubright.com?

I’ve decided to do away with my almost decade old incarnation of Rubright.com and go all the way over to the blog format. HTML is so 90s! I have links to all the old stuff, so there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a lot easier to update pages this way also.

On another note, I was in NYC last week for the annual Carnegie Hall performances of the SLSO. As I mention below, we played Harmonielehre by John Adams (which my wife very justifiably thought was “Harmony Layer” and got the rousing reception that the piece pretty much always gets. The review wasn’t bad, either. The night before I played on George Benjamin’s Sudden Time. I forgot to mention that but it had a lot of unusual percussion writing in it. The most notable was his use of small tablas which the orchestra ordered from India. I made a little stand for mine, but it was kind of overkill; a table would have sufficed. Oh well, I’ve got power tools and and I’m gonna use ’em!
Mini Tablas