Waiting on my bells

Well it’s the Christmas season and bells are not hard to find. That makes it a good time of year to get my mangy old Leedy bells restored by Gilberto at Century Mallet Instrument Service in the Windy City.

I’ve had these bells for a LONG time and they always sounded good, but were very funky. They were more brown than chrome on a lot of the notes. In fact, I’m bumming that I didn’t get a “before” picture to go with the “after” picture that I will post when they’re all done. That could be a while because the case remains funky. And it smells bad, even for the basement. My plan is to get a new case made after the bells are done and then have one sweet glockenspiel. I forgot to mention that I’m adding a hi C# and D while I’m at it just in case I ever need to go way up there and ding a high one.