Theodore “One Shed” Rubright

A couple of years ago we experienced a big wind storm that wreaked havoc on a tree in our neighbor’s yard. Half of said tree ended up in our yard, taking out our little Rubbermaid shed on its way down. Since then we’ve put our lawn mower, wheel barrows and various tools under ugly green and brown tarps in the back yard, giving it a definite downscale quality.

Well those days are over! We rented a truck and brought home a big box of plastic that we spent last weekend assembling (the roof was the hardest part–cussing ensued) into another Rubbermaid shed. The 7×7 Big Max. No more tarping the lawn gear! I never really thought of myself as a plastic shed guy but after two years of junk in the yard I have changed my snobby ways. I’m loving a PVC outbuilding.


Now I just hope no one starts calling me “One Shed.”

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