The Mariachi Reunion

It’s not mentioned in the Picture Bio, but one of my most positive early musical experiences was playing in a Mariachi band in high school. The lineup changed a bit over time, but the core band had two trumpets, trombone, a couple of guitars, bass and violin. Our rep leaned heavily on Herb Alpert and the Tijauna Brass. Here’s the thing about it: it was a blast! The chemistry of the group made every gig a party. Also, my classical music pals were totally dismissive of it, which increased it’s appeal for me. Well, it wasn’t high-brow, but people loved it. Also, we were good. The brass guys were especially strong players. I played an old Deagan marimba which I lugged out in all kinds of weather for very little money. Ten bucks was standard! I now realize that one reason I pursued music was to chase the ‘high’ of the Mariachi band. I gotta tell you; nothing was ever quite the same.

The other night a couple of the founding members were in town so we got a partial reunion together. Here’s a pic. Band members have their instruments noted. Now I need to track down some ‘period’ pictures for a little side by side comparison.
reunion pic