The Earl of Bunkdom

A few weeks ago I played the tambourine part in Scheherezade with the SLSO. I used the occasion to trot out a pimped out tambourine “bunk” that SLSO regular John Kasica gave me (unassembled) years ago. It had the wood frame and I was supposed to cover it with foam rubber and sort of upholster it with black cloth but I never got around to it. The cool thing about it is that it had a nice wooden ball on the end that facilitates playing rhythms that might otherwise be played on the knee.

One day I decided that since I would never upholster it, I would cover parts of it with bits of an old drum mute for padding and paint it black. You can rest the tambo on the bunk and play soft things with your fingers or pick it up and use the aforementioned ball.

Or you can just use it as a stand to hold that tambo. Either way, it’s nice to have. I also added a bracket to it so I could put in on a cymbal stand. If I could put everything on a cymbal stand, I would.

The Tambourine Bunk

Another angle. That blue thing is a gel filled wrist supporter from a mouse pad that I glued on the bunk. It worked great for the soft rhythmic parts of Scheherezade.

The Top View