Sur la plage and more…

I spent the last week at the Gulf coast with the fam and had a very nice time. I was on vacation from the day job, the night job, my contact lenses and pretty much everything else. Except shrimp. I was not on vacation from that.
Here are a couple of pics starting with the view from our condo.
Here I am on a big motor boat.

While we were gone we left our dog Frieda with our friends David and Larry who breed and show Welsh Corgis. Their place is really cool. Here’s a pic of Frieda (right) and the famous Dundee who hails from Finland. Note his tail. In Finland, they are not allowed to bob Corgi’s tails, which is pretty radical. I think we’ll see more and more tailed Corgis since Larry tells me England is considering a bobbing ban, too. When Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis have tails, they’ll ALL have tails!


more corgis
Another shot of Dundee, Frieda and Dee Dee, a Norwich Terrier.