Reason Season

I’m not sure if the Basement readers know this but I’m a big Reason user. This is the program that I fantasized about in the 80’s, a recording and composing studio within the home computer. I just upgraded to version 4 and I must say I’m impressed. I’ll leave it to harder core electronic music meisters to rhapsodize about all of its new features and buttons, but let me just say that it is bitchin’. You read that right. Bitchin’ with a capital B.

I use Reason to compose stuff and to transcribe things that I practice. I am also using it to remix a lot of music that I wrote many years ago for a children’s opera (maybe it’s more of an operetta) called “Little Red, the Folktale Hen.” My mom (the outstanding storyteller and teacher) wrote the book and lyrics. She based it on her styling of the famous story of the hen who wanted to make a loaf of bread and the lazy friends who wouldn’t help. But they wanted to eat the bread. They wanted it bad.

I’m going to whip a small sampling (ha ha, sampling–it’s funny since I used a sampler) of the score and post it here for both of you to read. I’m kidding. There’s probably only one of you.