Pathetic Percussion Nerds

OK, this one is over the top, but here goes. My pal and extra percussionist extraordinaire, Henry Claude, showed me a mod he made to his triangle beaters. He punched a hole through some earplugs and shoved them up under the head of his Kim Shelley/Michael Ferris beaters. (These are awesome beaters, but I’m not sure if they’re still making them.) The point of this invention is to let you rest your beater on the dangler quietly before you play. If you’re one of the several dozen people in the world that do this regularly, you know what I mean. Any nerves and you’re likely to get the unintentional ding, which is never a good thing.

I found that using the flat ended ear plugs is best. You can squash them flat and drill through them very acurately in one go, then simply slide them onto the beater. I am going to try them tonight in “La Mer” with the SLSO. Here’s a photo of this hopelessly nerdy mod.

Triangle Collar Muffler Mod

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