New Look (and Feel)

Hi all. Or one. You might have noticed that I’ve spruced up The Basement a bit. In real life I took the shop vac to the cob webs and in the virtual world I’ve done a bit of upgrading.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is to have a random header image. That is now a reality thanks to the K2 theme for WordPress. It’s got a lot of nice features built in and is very clean and intuitive. I like that in a theme.

On the drum front, this is a busy month. I’m doing a lot of playing with the SLSO which includes their concerts at Carnegie Hall on Mar. 30 and 31. The biggest bash is John Adam’s Harmonielehre. There’s another contemporary piece that’s going also: George Benjamin’s Sudden Time. What’s noteworthy about that piece is the use of a bunch of mini-tablas which the orchestra is buying from India. The parts are quiet but tasty and really exposed.

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