New Acquistions

Greetings Basement denizens and visitors. I have a couple of newish drums that I need to turn you on to. The first is a beautiful dundunba from Dancing Drums. This is a West African drum that is the lowest member of a trio of drums that are traditionally played together. I started with the big one first and might add the smaller ones (sangban and kenkeni) later when I save up some dough.


At first I was a bit concerned that the pitch on this one was too high and the sticks that came with it weren’t helping. I found a small wood bass drum stick wrapped in moleskin that sounds great – the low end comes out nicely that way.

Also note the bell. I bought a set of three African bells that go with the three dun dun drums. They are VERY crunchy and authentic.

Up next is a Jim Ibur ceramic dumbek. This is a very nice drum that I recommend highly. It’s got great tek and dum sounds – highs and lows.