More 3D Printing: Extension for the Steve Weiss Triangle Clip

I recently bought two Steve Weiss triangle clips to replace the hardware store pony clips I’ve been using forever. The clip has both promise and problems. For one, as almost all of the reviews on the Weiss web site point out, the monfilament line that holds the triangle is too short out of the box. That is easily remedied by cutting it off and tying on some new loops with fishing line.

The second problem might not be an issue for other players but it is for me: the front end of the clip is too short, which makes holding it uncomfortable in the playing position I prefer. I needed an extension for it and turned once again to Tinkercad and 3D printing. I just needed a piece that would fit snugly over the clip and give me another 10mm to fit under my finger.

If you would like to print one out for yourself, here’s a link to my Tinkercad file.

Posted on: April 25, 2019, by :