Lots of work

Howdy gang. (I think it’s a small gang–maybe more of a couple.)
I’m in classical drum hog heaven this spring. This week is the Hary Janos Suite by Kodaly with the SLSO. I’m on chimes and B.D. It’s really a very nice part and the conductor (Gilbert Varga) is not putting up the old hand either, if you know what I mean.

In May there will be a Saint Louis Symphony sponsored percussion concert extravaganza with soloist Collin Curry and six drummers from the old alma mater, Juilliard, who will be on hand to perform (among other things) George Anthiel’s Ballet Mechanique and Verese’s Ionization. (I don’t think you can have a percussion extravaganza without Ionization, can you?)

I’m also scheduled to play L’Histoire du Soldat by Stravinsky right around that same time. I’m creating a new part in Sibelius 4 (which rocks, btw). That’s probably a topic for a whole entry on it’s own. Maybe two.