Look Mayo, No Hands!

Mayo Hack

I bet this happens to you all the time. You’re making a batch of mayo with your food processor and you have to drizzle the oil in slowly and surely. If you add it too fast, the emulsion never forms and you have a creamy sauce. Tasty perhaps, but not mayo. As you pour the oil you think, “Geez, I wish I didn’t have to stand here carefully drizzling this cup of oil into the food processor.” My Mayo Maker Hack can help. I drilled a small hole (3/32″ or something like that, it was the smallest bit I had that wasn’t broken) into the bottom of the food pusher thingamajig that, frankly, I never used. Apparently some food processors come with this feature, but since mine didn’t I thought I would try drilling my own. Now I put the oil in the food pusher and it dribbles out at just the right speed for mayo. Now I actually look forward to making my next batch.