Long Hot Summer

Well here it is August already. It’s been a pretty hot and humid summer even down in the basement. There hasn’t been a lot of drum activity; that should kick in next month sometime. I have been doing a lot of composing and recording, though. I’m liking some of the new stuff but it’s really hard to get other folks involved. I have things that need guitar and cello and they’re not super easy so I’m working out how to get it on tape. Hard drive, really. I have worked out a decent system for recording marimba, though. I’m using a standalone hardware recorder which I prefer to recording directly into the computer. It sits right next to me and I can use the foot pedal to put it into and out of record mode. I have to do that a lot!

When I corral those other folks and get something mixed, I’ll put up a link. If anyone digs it, the music would be available also.

Stay cool,


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