It’s Pizza Grilling Time!

Summer is fast approaching and with it, pizza grilling season. Since I don’t have a fancy stone oven or even an unfancy pizza stone in my oven, I use the good old gas grill on the patio.

This works because of of a special dough that has enough olive oil in it to keep it from burning. Here’s a link to the basic recipe I use. It’s originally from America’s Test Kitchen.

The trick is having everything ready when the dough hits the grill rack. I usually use tomato sauce, grated cheese (this is important because it has to melt fast) fresh basil and grilled onions or mushrooms. If meat is required, cook it first – the toppings only get a couple of minutes on the burner.

grilled pizza

Here’s something else: my son only likes Papa John’s pizza. I’d love to say that he tried my grilled goodness and swore off the delivery man forever but no, it was not to be. Ironically, I made some grilled pita pizzas the other day since I didn’t have time to make a batch of dough. I painted olive oil on them and cooked them on the grill just as I would have with the home made dough. THAT he liked!