Ho – Made Ice Cream in Time for the Heat

Here’s my latest thang: ho – made dairy products. Actually, I take store bought dairy products like milk and cream and turn them into value added treats, namely yogurt and ice cream. Years ago I had a cheap ice cream maker but the motor crapped out and I haven’t made ice cream since.

My son and I, both being ice cream fans and wanting to avoid multi-syllabic ingredients in our frozen desserts, decided to head to Target and get another cheapy churner. So we did. We got the only one they had, a $25 Rival.

icecreammakerIt’s the kind where you freeze the bowl portion of the contraption and attach the paddle/motor end when you’re ready to churn. It works quite well, though it’s a bit noisy. My next batch will be cranking away in a distant part of the house with the door closed. It takes around 30 minutes to get to soft-serve consistency and it will drive you nuts if it’s in the kitchen.

We started out with a basic chocolate chip recipe. Dang, it was good. Our only beef was that the gizmo only makes a quart, which is palate cleanser for a family of three. I have dreams of buying another one so we can make bigger batches. Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea.

I mentioned yogurt didn’t I? That’s another post!