Harmonielehre and Stick Envy

Last night I got to play John Adams’ Harmonielehre with the SLSO once again. Ahh. It was really a blast. I mean that almost literally. It rocks. My part includes mallets (all kinds) and my favorite moment, the bass drum blast at the end. Very satisfying indeed! In two weeks we’ll be playing it again at Carnegie Hall, which I am of course very psyched about. It doesn’t get much better for a humble extra drum boy.

Speaking of not much better, check out these gorgeous stickies. They are made by my old friend Randy Max of the Rotterdam Philharmonic. The silver ones have graphite shafts. I wish I played more timpani just so I could try them out, though I must admit I have a nice set of older MaxMallet sticks which are still in great condition. They don’t have the cool color coded butts, though!
MaxMallets Group Portrait

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