BBQ Grillware Rehab with Photo Documentation

Several years ago I bought a BBQ Grillware gas grill from the local Lowe’s. It was relatively cheap and very shiny. In the last couple of years I noticed parts were rusting inside the pit but it was hard to see clearly beneath the heavy grates. Also, flames were shooting out of the back of the grill jets in a disconcerting fashion, but it still got hot and it still cooked.

I decided to take a closer look and was shocked to see the interior of the grill was pretty much rusted out. My first inclination was to junk it and buy a new grill, but first I had to see about rehabbing it. I found original replacement parts online but figured they would soon rust out again. Besides, they weren’t cheap and being cheap is what this whole endeavor was all about.

Back at Lowe’s I found a bunch of universal replacement parts for grills. Clearly I wasn’t the first pilgrim down this path. I picked up three new gas flame tubes and three new evaporator plates, also called heat covers, which go over the tubes. I had to do some hacking to make the new parts fit. A piece of scrap aluminum from a heating duct was used to fashion a platform to hold the new plates.

To sum up, it works! I’m back to grilling and only out about $50.00. I’ve also picked up a smoker box, but that’s another post…

It doesn’t look too bad on the exterior.

inside the grill

Removing the grates shows how bad the damage is.


It’s turning to dust!

A rusted out gas tube.

A rusted tube.

broken gas tube

This tube is cracked. It can’t be safe.

The new gas tubes and support bar.

The new gas tubes and support bar.

New covers

The new evaporator plates. (The middle one is a different brand.)