Beer Wars

I have to say right up front that I am a big Schalfly fan. They are the upstart microbrewers in St. Louis that brought full flavor beer to our fair city. I have mugs and a hat which I often wear, advertising their barley pop for free.

I’ve not been the biggest fan of our other, bigger brewery, the behemoth on Pestalozzi Street. Long ago I was a bartender and I served many knee jerk Bud Light drinkers, but I’ve never been one of them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s like I said before: I’m into full flavor beer.

Lately I’ve been seeing ads for Michelob’s new line of suds (mostly as I Tivo through the ads on recorded shows). My first reaction is to doubt. Yes, I doubt. I think that the beverages must have that characteristic metallic quality that I associate with A-B products. Now I’m eating crow. Caw.

I picked up a twelve pack sampler of the new Michelob craft beers because, well, they were cheaper than everything else–a couple of bucks cheaper. What could I do? Times are tough. Anyway, upon popping open the wares, I was very pleasantly surprised. “Whoa,” I said to myself. “Whoa Nelly the horse! This is not your grandfather’s Michelob,” which I recall as Budweiser in a curvy bottle. “This is the real deal!”

Now I’m no Michael Jackson (the late great Beer Hunter, not the nose-challenged one) but I know a some good liquid corn flakes when I stumble on them. The next time I’m restocking the beer vault, I will not hesitate to add the big brewer’s latest to my collection.

Heck, I’ll even tell a friend.


Well, as of Dec. 6, they’ve jacked up the Michelob prices. I guess I’ll run back to Schlafly brewskies and beg forgiveness.