Bang a Gong. Get it On.

Greetings American contemporary music fans. You are not numerous, but you are true. This week I’m involved in what should prove to be an enjoyable undertaking, playing ten really cool tuned gongs in John Adams’ “The Dharma at Big Sur” with the SLSO under Marin Alsop. You might be tempted to think that John Adams is being played right and left here, which isn’t exactly the case but it’s not unheard of. I’ve been involved in quite a few Adams fests in the last few years.

“Dharma” is for solo electric violin and orchestra and is pretty dang cool. I met the gongs earlier today and they are impressive, rented from LA, I think. Or maybe NYC. Somewhere coastal. For the duration of the piece I’m cocooned in a sort of gong cage along with a pair of resonant flower pots (care of Lowe’s) and some crotales. A pic would help here. I’ll try to get one this weekend.

And here we go, a pic as promised. Man, I would love to have some of these. They’re only 15k a set or thereabouts. The flower pots are not so pricey.