Apple 2

Well the big show went off without a hitch. My trusty wood block served me well. The crowd went wild. For the orchestra, not for me, exactly. Here’s a pic.Ted and friend

But wait, there’s more. Brian Kushmaul was in the house laboring on the Turangalila with the rest of the drummers. He and I share a certain lineage as former timpanists of the Evansville Philmarmonic. He is currently in Louisville, KY and is playing timpani in Columbus, OH this season. That makes him a busy lad. Me and Brian Kushmaul

As astute readers might know, I link to Eddie Silva’s SLSO blog. He is an excellent blogger and I recommend it highly. What’s more, he gave this space a shout out, like so:

I walked to the Hall this morning with percussionist Ted Rubright, whose father is the author of a fine walking guide of St. Louis, among other things. I promised Ted I’d give a shout out to his blog, and here it is:

Thanks Eddie!

Lastly, I offer up a photo of my friend and fellow extra drummer, Henry Claude. Note his serious mien and stern countenance. Also mark the colorful maracas that he employs to great musical effect.