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Finally, an update for the basement crawlers. There are big doings in the St. Louis Symphony's percussion section, which I am an adjunct member of, so to speak. Rich O'Donnell, our fearless leader, has retired after 43 years on the job. John Kasica, another longtime stalwart, has been named acting principal for next season. Since the programming is leaning away from drum intensive stuff, there are no immediate plans for an audition. Still, it's been over 30 years since there has been any change to this illustrious section.
On June 24, there was a big retirement party for Rich at the home of Barbara Liberman, the orchestra's keyboard specialist. The percussionists commissioned yours truly to create an artwork to commemorate the occasion. I was very happy to comply, as I'm quite fond of Rich and felt I could contribute something unique.
L-R: Henry Claude, Tom Stubbs, Rick Holmes, Me, Rich O'Donnell. The picture is mixed media on paper and is called "Contructs for Rich O'Donnell. John Kasica was at a music festival and couldn't attend.
.Tom Stubbs giving a toast.

Stay cool and keep practicing.

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