The Basement

Issue 8, Winter 2001-02

OK, I'm officially way, way behind on the basement updates. Ain't nothing but a bunch of procrastination, folks. I was waiting to get some pics of the new basement but I couldn't seem to get around to taking the photos, scanning them and uploading, etc, so I thought of an easier approach. My digital camcorder can take stills (though not very high quality) and I have a card reader, so I finally decided to get out the manual and figure it out. Of course it was easy. Here, without further ado, are some pics of the new basement.
My kid at the xylophone station.

The DrumKat and snare drum station.
The work station.
The drum kit station.

Where is the timpani station, you ask? Don't ask. Some are still in storage and some are in the laundry room. There's not a whole lot of room for them, but we'll get them in here eventually. Vibes, too...But wait, I forgot the most important room in the new basement. The crapper! My own personal bathroom complete with a shower and a ventilation fan. This is what living is really all about.

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