The Basement

Issue 7, Winter 2000-2001

Hello basement dwellers. It's the middle of winter here in the midwest and I'm cold down here. It's been a poky couple of months for my musical career, but that's OK. Happily I've been building web sites and doing other sundry chores with my handy G4 Mac. Still, the music looks to be picking up as the new year gets into full swing.
The biggest scoop is that the basement has been sold, along with the rest of the house, so we'll be moving to new digs and carrying on from there. What if the basement is no longer in a basement? It could be in a garage, for all I know, or a room in a split-level. Hmmm. But fear not my friends, the basement will still be called the basement, even if it's warmer and carpeted. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing, come to think of it; my gear would not get quite so dusty.

I've got some items for sale as the ritual clearing out ensues. Let me know if you're interested so I can avoid eBay for now and sell to fellow basement dwellers who will appreciate good drum gear. The first is my trusty old Rogers R-380 drum kit.

Rogers R-380

Rogers R-380

I've had these since I was 14 and they are one of a kind. If you're looking for vintage Rogers that are collector's items, these aren't for you. These are for someone who wants to pound plenty on some nice, cheap drummies. The R-380 hardware sucked, so I replaced pretty much all of it. (It was an "entry-level" kit.) The shells are the real deal, though, with the grey interior. Don't ask me what kind of wood they are, as I haven't a clue. The hardware that I've added is by Yamaha, Tama, Simmons and Pearl and the heads are DW. The drums sound great and were used for many Nuclear Percussion Ensemble performances. I had them in NY with me back when I was in school and they lived for a while in what was Saul Goodman's locker in one of the percussion rooms at Juilliard, in case you care
. The price, you ask? $325 obo plus shipping. Sorry, cymbals aren't included. (They've since sold, BTW.)

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