The Basement

Issue 6, Fall 2000

I thought I would post some pictures from the Cabrillo Music Festival, 2000. This is the percussion section, along with Colin Currie, our awesome soloist for "Der Geretette Alberich" by Christopher Rouse. It's a rip roaring percussion concerto requiring chops aplenty and Colin has them to spare. From left, Ward Spangler, Galen Lemmon, Ross Williams, Colin and yours truly.

Ahh, here we are looking so very excited. Before Cabrillo I often play the St. Louis County Pops with the St. Louis Symphony. On this night, I get to play some timpani, which I so enjoy. But my colleague, Henry Claude, looks less enthusiatic. I thought he was grinning right along with me until I got the photos developed...
Here is a picture of my new drum kit, which I often say are more drums than I deserve. Faithul readers of "The Basement" will note that I mentioned them in the last issue. I got them from Galen Lemmon (see above) for creating his web site.
Well that's it for now. The latest and greatest is that I got to go to NY in October with the SLSO and mangle some triangle with the orchestra. Henry Claude, (see above) my fellow extry percussionist and I, went down to the village and saw some really nice jazz at Small's. It's quite a scene and I highly recommend it. That is about it from down here in the dank and dark basement. Peace.

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