The Basement

Vol. 1 Issue 4, Summer 2000
or maybe Volume 2, Issue 1. You decide.

So it's come to this, almost 7 months since I've written anything for the Basement. Yowie. Well, I'm not taking any of the upcoming timp auditions, as I just don't really want those gigs. How can this be? I don't know. It just be. I got a bitch new drum kit for doing a web site for Lemmon Percussion in San Jose, CA. If you get out that way, drop in, they're really cool. It's a Tama Starclassic Performer and I bang away whenever too many brain cells die out at the old computer. Of course I have installed Sound Off mutes to protect the innocent.
Once again I'm playing percussion in the Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz, CA the first two weeks of August; it's like summer camp with brain cramps from cramming so much new music into a short period of time.
chain drum Finally got my 24" Goodman Chain done with a super-bad custom counter hoop. The hoop was cut on a lathe and the shop that did it was going to make bigger hoops as well. Until. They guy called and said that his big lathe was broken and might never be fixed, so my fledgling counterhoop enterprise fizzled like a wet bottle rocket. Oh well, this drum sounds pretty damn nice.

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