The Basement

Vol. 1 Issue 3, Late Summer 1999

All right, it's late summer and I'm way behind with my updates from down here. What kind of a summer what is it, you ask? Busy, is what! I had an audition for the Florida Philharmonic (timpani), 3 weeks of pops with the St. Louis Symphony and then (with one day for travel) two weeks at the Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz, CA. So what happened? Well, though I did pretty much what I set out to do, I walked at the audition. This happens from time to time, as anyone in this game knows. Apparently, though Keith Aleo voted for me, others on the committee were put off by my singing into the drums, which I like to do to verify the pitch. Too loud, thought the burghers behind the screen. So there you are my friends, an $1100 dollar lesson on what not to do at the Florida Philharmonic audition.

The pops went well, as usual. I was pretty much mallet boy this summer and the books did not disappoint: plenty for yours truly to bang away at. At the Cabrillo Music Festival, with the outstanding Marin Alsop as fearless leader, we dove right in. (I was playing timpani this summer.) There were three performances of the Bernstein Mass, which was involved and fun. At the same time we rehearsed another program which featured the Christopher Rouse Flute Concerto. Killer piece! Other highlights were "The Confession of Isobel Gowdie" by James MacMillan (another amazing work) and the venerable Hanson Symphony #2, with it's beefy timp part. Anyway, a good time was had by all. So what's coming up? The Milwaukee Symphony Timpani audition, part deaux. I'm also hoping to play in NYC with the SLSO in October. It's Mahler 3...

So with that I sign off on another edition of "The Basement."

Keep pounding plenty,


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