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Well folks, it's high time to update the old basement pages. I didn't do an update for the summer because, well, there wasn't that much going on last summer, at least musically.

September is different, though, with Crossings Concerts and SLSO stuff. I'm playing on John Adam's Harmonielehre with the orchestra and it's a blast. The section is up on risers in the back which it hasn't been in decades. Seriously, we're talking the 70s when I was a lad. The nice thing is that the section is all across the back of the orchestra so there's a lot of room--something that I'm not used to!

This is a photo taken by Andrew Wimmer at the Crossings Concert on Sept. 16, 2005. He does really nice work. I'm using it for the header of the new blog.

Got a nice email from timpanist Jean-Etienne Ottenhof from France. It's always good to hear from Basement readers! Here's a link to his site.


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