The Basement

The Basement  >> Issue 15 >> Spring, 2004

Man am I behind. It's almost Spring and I'm busy with a new day job. OK, it's my first ever day job. "What do you do?" you may ask. I'm an Academic Technology Analyst at Saint Louis University. "Ahh," you say. You don't have a clue what I do. I'll tell you. I assist faculty with their online course tools, web pages and other sundry stuff. There. That wasn't so bad. In fact I've learned something in the last three months. Jobs are good! Benefits are good! No wonder people like them. I like mine.

"Do I still play music?" Yes."Do I still write music?" Yes. In fact I am premiering another piece in May for marimba, cello, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. One more thing: my office a nine minute walk from the stage door of Powell Symphony Hall, home of the St. Louis Symphony, where I continue to be an extra drummer. So that's good, too.

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