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OK kids, I got a new drummie. It's a 32" chain conversion by Mark Guthrie of Precision Classic Timpani in Portage, Michigan. I'm told he used to make chain drums for Clevelander. Anyway, he did a great job on my drum. I had a 32" bowl made by Steve Schiffer at D. Picking which he shipped to Mark for the conversion. I had some old hardware from a chain drum my friend Rich O'Donnell made in the 70's. It was on an aluminum Jenco bowl which is now doing planter duty in the garden. Anyway, Mark polished up the brackets and reused them along with the sprockets. He made a beautiful counterhoop which matches the bracket hardware. Anyway, I picked it up from Roadway Express in my truck and the photos below tell the story.

Lots and lots of shredded paper. Will it compost? I think not.

Side view.

Unwrapped and in The Basement on a rolling stand that I had made.

I'm ready for my close-up. Note the lugs can be tuned individually and the head can be changed without removing the chain. Ahhh.

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