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Yahoo, got me a marimba! I haven't had a marimba in many years. When I was a kid (14 or so) I borrowed an old Deagan from a friend of my mom's who had played it as a girl. I had that instrument for 14 years but finally gave it back. I've been wanting one for a long time but never really got around to it until last November. I got a very basic model: an Adams 4.3 Soloist with padouk bars. I'm amazed at how nice it sounds and how sturdy the frame is. Before you say what you're thinking, yes, I'd rather have a rosewood Marimba One or a Malletech or some other cool brand, but this thing lives in The Basement. It won't be doing a lot of travelling that I know of. For less than 2k, the padouk is pretty damn nice.

Since I got the marimba, I may as well play something other than the same Bach pieces I've played since the 70's so I decided to do some writing. I dug my electronic rack out of the attic and attached it to my old Mac clone. (Anyone remember Mac clones?) The tone generators are a bit dated, but they still work. I patched it all together and got it going enough to write a trio for marimba, guitar and cello. My brother Dan, his wife Melissa and I are doing a thing in March for their concert series Crossings.There will be really good musicians on it so I must not suck. Anyway, I wrote about 4 minutes of music and called it "Sky Fishing." One day, if you're good, and we record it, I will upload a bit on these pages. Hmm, maybe I should say if I'm good.

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