Ted’s Half Sour Pickletini

Ted's Half Sour Pickletini

Ted's Half Sour Pickletini

Let me start this post by admitting that my usual martini is made with gin and slightly ‘dirty,’ which means a little olive brine is added to the mix. I prefer a minimum of two big, stuffed olives. Bleu cheese is my preferred stuffing but I’m not particular. Recently I have developed a new recipe which is jostling for martini supremacy. I dub it the Half Sour Pickletini.

A bit of history. I am very fond of the half sour Russian pickles that are found in hand-packed containers at Global Foods Market in Kirkwood, MO. They can be found in a refrigerated case at the back of the store, not far from the deli counter. As I mentioned earlier, I gravitate toward the gin martini but I have long been aware of the Russian fondness for eating pickles while quaffing vodka so I decided that perhaps the two would play nicely in the same glass. I can tell you now that they do.

I started by dropping a few half sour pickle slices into a chilled martini glass. Then I made a straightforward martini by filling a steel shaker with ice, splashing in a bit of vermouth and four ounces of Absolut (cheaper vodka will do in a pinch) and shaking like the dickens until it got uncomfortably cold. That last bit is an important step–you have to shake for at least thirty seconds.

I poured the icy mixture into the pre-pickled glass and voila: the Pickletini was born! If you can’t get the aforementioned half sour variety, I think any Polish style dill pickle would suffice.

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