The Spectacle Chronicles Part II – Progressive Lenses

The latest and greatest

I have more info on the eyeglass front: I got another pair. This time I eschewed the web and got them from a vintage optometry shop in downtown Kirkwood. The decor hasn’t been touched since the 60s and the wood paneling bears particular mention for its period charm. My visit came about because the cheap glasses that I extolled in my previous post up and broke. I’m not sure what I expected with $20 frames.

The optometrist (whose grandfather started the business in 1915) had some decent crystal frames that were similar to the old pair, so I ordered them. I asked why the frames the I got online were supposedly progressive lenses, but they seemed to be single vision. He pointed out the broken frames weren’t tall enough to accommodate progressive lenses, which have to have three different zones. This made sense. My new specs are taller, so they can handle the triple duty assignment.

Though the latest pair were not as cheap as the interweb frames, they were a pretty good deal at just over $200. The local guy takes no plastic or insurance; I was only half joking about having to find my check book. Anyway, a week later I picked up my actual progressive glasses (complete with gray Transitions┬« lenses, by the way) and put them on. Whoa. The first day was not fun; they felt really prosthetic. Happily, by the next day my brain had adjusted and now I hardly notice the triple vision thing. In fact, I like them a lot. I can read with glasses on, see the computer with glasses on and see distance with glasses on, which I haven’t been able to do in recent memory. As an added bonus, they look like single vision lenses to the outside world, so the geezer factor isn’t obvious!